Offizielles „Neues Zuhause“ für Ferox

Update vom User noyb98098 – Ferox has officially been purchased and the inventory will be coming to the U.S. in the next few weeks. I’ll be updating you guys on the progress of new parts and new machines. We will have some new and used v1’s that will be immediately available. All of the new (V2) parts will be 100% compatible with the v1’s so current v1 owners will be able to upgrade to the v2 status machine without concern. Also, the level of craftsmanship will be of the highest standard. All of the chassis\frame\ and drive-line components will be made right here in North America. Hendrik (Ferox Designer) has graciously decided to stay on to assist with further development of the car. A few forum members have already been tasked with testing\development of both the FX-2WD and FX-4WD, prior to launch both of the vehicles will have been tested on various tracks (by the new Ferox team drivers) across different locations around the globe.

Das ist sicher nicht die optimalste Ferox-Zukunft, aber in jedem Fall eine gute Nachricht für alle Ferox-Besitzer. Die Ferox-News sind vorerst über diesen Forum-Link zu finden und eine neue Webseite ist ebenso schon in Arbeit.